Big Chaos

We play for contra dances!

About the Band

(…These are cats. Tell me about the band!)


Aleks is a mild-mannered college student by day, super-fiddler by night. She lives in an underground hippie collective known as 2D. In her spare time, she enjoys anthropology and vegetables.

EM McKEEVER - Guitar

Em is a straight woman trapped in a queer woman’s body. The lesbian community mourns this daily. When not shredding on guitar for Big Chaos, she can be found teaching seminars in underwater basket weaving or galavanting sandal-clad through fields.


Luna, a.k.a. the wandering cellist, is the only cat ever to manage to play a stringed instrument, a feat for which she was named Feline Laureate of 2014. Her proudest posessions are her opposable thumbs.


His milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like, “It’s better than yours.” Damn right it’s better than yours. He can teach you, but he’ll have to charge. (His rates are very reasonable, though!) Check out his tutorial on How to Play a Mandoline (Carrot Style).

(No, really, tell me about the band.)